Dolphin Analysis Paper

Dolphin Research Paper

Donna Nanos

School Writing 112

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27 Nov 2012

Dolphins in Captivity


Many people are fascinated with dolphins and demand to see these people in Ocean World, or another aquarium, and even enjoy seeing them carry out in shows. However , most of the people do not take into account the harm that dolphins go through in order for the population to see all of them. Dolphins go through an huge amount of physical and mental damage solely for our entertainment. I hardly ever thought about the harm they go through when I first saw dolphins perform within a show. I, like most people my own age, simply assumed the fact that aquariums basically cared for the dolphins. Yet , people that consider this will be naГЇve. We enjoy the reveals so much we do not wish to think about what are the results behind the scenes. You need to become more aware of the harm dolphins go through whilst living in captivity because we are the ones while using power to stop it. My own Experience with Dolphins

While i was in the sixth level, my parents required to Marine World to find out dolphins since they had always been my favorite animals. I saw the dolphins carry out in the display " Green Horizons”. I remember thinking that the show was amazing, and I became a lot more interested in dolphins. Being and so up close for the dolphins in Sea Community was greater than I ever truly imagined. This encounter was extremely exciting in my opinion because I had always dreamt of what it would be want to interact with a dolphin. This kind of experience helped me become more infatuated with dolphins, thus when I returned from Florida I decided to do some research on them. When I researched just how dolphins happen to be trained in captivity, I found the results to end up being astonishing. I had been amazed at how dolphins are generally not cared for good enough when they are in captivity. Dolphins that perform in shows are especially under-cared for as they are forced to carry out every day against their is going to. I have certainly not seen a dolphin demonstrate since I discovered out how harmful captivity is for these people. People need to know the injury it triggers so they will also stop ordering tickets to find the shows because if people stop obtaining tickets, you will have no basis for dolphins in which to stay captivity. The Capture of Dolphins

The capturing dolphins is " violent and cruel” (Marine Mammals Campaign) and moves against many laws which can be in place in the United States as well as in many other countries all over the world. For this reason many dolphin records occur in Taiji, Japan as the regulations concerning dolphin hunting and capture are less tight. These essentially non-existent polices allow the fisherman to make easy profit from a difficult to attain, high demand pet. This makes it not merely easier, but also even more profitable for the Japanese angler to capture these animals then sell them. Throughout the capture, various dolphins expire just by getting caught inside the net for the reason that fishermen are so careless. Additionally they may perish from the anxiety of being hunted down and captured. The fishermen keep the dolphins that do survive and sell these to aquariums for a large amount of cash. The demand for dolphins in aquariums is incredibly high because they are such interesting animals, and are rare to find in aquariums. They are unusual in aquariums because they are extremely hard to look after, and require so much extra space and work for employees. Since they are uncommon, people are willing to travel extremely far to just see all of them, which causes even more aquariums to want to have them. Fishermen keep capturing the dolphins because of the large profit they make. Relating to Doctor Lori Marinaro, " The captivity industry drives the dolphin hunting industry as it creates a demand for dolphins”(Lori Marino). Japanese fishermen continue to strongly capture dolphins because they making this sort of a large make money from the popular of the entertainment industry. Residing in the Outrageous vs . Residing in a Tank

Inside the wild, dolphins have as much space as they need and are free to perform whatever they will like. However in captivity dolphins happen to be...

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