Divorce and Reproductive Health Essay

Divorce and Reproductive Health

Divorce inside the Philippines – Say NO to This

Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the final termination of the marital union, canceling the legal responsibilities and tasks of marriage and dissipating the bonds of matrimony between the parties (unlike annulment, which states the marriage null and void). Divorce laws vary considerably around the world, in most countries it requires the sanction of any court or other specialist in a legal process. The legal procedure for divorce might also involve issues of alimony (spousal support),  child custody of the children,  child support,  distribution of property, and division of debts. Where monogamy is law, divorce allows every single former spouse to get married to another; where polygyny is legal but polyandry is not, divorce allows the lady to marry another. Among 1971 and 2011, several countries legalized divorce, the last one staying Malta this year. The majority Catholic Philippines is the last officially secular country that does not include civil divorce for the whole human population;  Muslims, yet , are approved divorce privileges as per their particular religion.  Vatican City, a ecclesiastical sovereign city-state, even offers no procedure for divorce. " Divorcing their parents" is a term at times used to pertain to emancipation of minors. Divorce in the Korea is planning to take over Filipino values and culture. It's all over the reports, the Philippine Congress is actually pushing forwards the Divorce Bill just after they have put forward the Reproductive Health Expenses. This is exactly what I have already been worrying about. Just a couple of weeks before, when I went to our Baptist Convention Meeting here in the Visayas, this issue was lifted. And just while what I have stated, " RH Costs can also lead to the Divorce Bill” mainly because they have similar proponents. I know lots of Evangelical Christians happen to be pro-RH Bill. But what they will don't know is usually that the proponents of RH Expenses are also the proponents of Divorce Bill. Once more they nearly got what they wish, they are now finding your way through another trend of questionable bill that will open a highway for immorality and destruction of Philippine culture and religious specifications and philosophy.

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines remains the only country in the world it does not have a law legalizing divorce. Is the country ready for such a law? Gabriela Party Representative. Luz Ilagan believes that it must be time the fact that country techniques forward and help couples who can no longer live together. Ilagan and many other lawmaker Emmi de Christ have submitted a House invoice introducing divorce in the Israel that is now with the House committee on modification of laws. She explained they are now looking forward to the committee to plan hearings to inquire the benefactors and resource persons to clarify the pros and cons with the proposed legislation. House Audio Sonny Belmonte on Wed said the divorce costs will be among the list of priority measures that will be undertaken when Our elected representatives opens the 3rd standard session at the end of July. Belmonte said he can supporting the enactment of the divorce law in the country. Ilagan, in an interview with a radio station dzMM Thurs, said the is looking forward to a divorce legislation. PH just country without divorce

" We are ready and we are the only region left right now. Two years ago, we still had Malta, " the girl said. " But when The island of malta had a referendum last year, bist du kahit iyung presidente nila was unwilling to scholarhip divorce, noong makita niya iyung results ng kanilang referendum ay pumayag. Kaya ang Thailand na lang ang natitirang bansa em walang divorce, " she said. The girl said Italia, where the Vatican City is found, allows divorce. The Vatican, which is officially a full sovereign coin city-state, would not allow divorce. Current Filipino laws simply allow annulment of matrimony -- a lengthy, expensive, and painful legal process pertaining to estranged couples who no longer want to live together while man and wife. Certainly not Vegas-style divorce

Ilagan explained the old fashioned in the Korea should not assess the suggested legislation with lax laws on divorce in other...