Essay on challenges of girl kid education

challenges of girl kid education

Beating Challenges of Girl-Child Education

By Kale Abba

Education has been variously described, such as analogy that likened education to the description of the elephant by the window blind man. What this means is education is visible from different perspectives. Nonetheless, education is what one knowledge from the cradle to the burial plot. That is whatever you learn and experience by birth to death. Education is a critical right for ladies and rewarding this basic right is the only way to realize various other rights from the girl child. In Nigeria, there is a sharp decline the standard of education, particularly in the northern portion of the country and there is corresponding reduction in girls' enrolment, retention, and completion of elderly secondary school in the region. A female is a female child, a young unmarried woman, a single or married girl at any era. Education to get the girl-child just as some other child is normally considered to be one of the core privileges, as the basis for achieving other legal rights. Article 1 of the world statement on the rights of the child to education which emanated from ESTE Conference in 1990 articulated that: " every person, kid, youth, and adult should be able to reap the benefits of educational chances designed to meet the basic learning needs”. Particular attention was paid in the Article several of the above declaration to women and ladies geared towards eliminating every barrier that hinders active engagement. Discrimination was clearly taken off as this kind of opportunity should be enjoyed by poor, undeserved groups, road and functioning girls and so forth It is rather unfortunate that possibly in the 21st Century, women Nigerian kid, especially in the north part of Nigeria, is refused equal entry to education and many of them are subjected to harmful traditional practices like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), denial of education, kid trafficking and so forth statistical monitoring of education revealed that the national literacy rate of female is only 56% in comparison with...