Decathlon China Draft Exploration Paper

Decathlon China and tiawan Draft

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Introduction to Advertising Management



Student Term: Lin, Yuxiang

Student IDENTIFICATION: 0313388

Trainer: Ron Mulholland

Date: 03 10th, 2015

Executive Summary

In the current competitive market environment, Decathlon should attract customers and enhance market share by utilizing social media. In addition , coping with the fierce marketplace competition and effectiveness of social media used in this assess are also of significance.

The choice should be produced based on aims, background, SWOT analysis, industry analysis and keys research.

There are three alternatives that can solve the difficulties:

1 . Still operate and does not make any change in organization strategy. installment payments on your Find an ideal method to measure the effectiveness of using social networking and invest small number of funds in social websites. At the same time, to get traditional mass media to promote goods. 3. Decathlon spends huge resources to social media to increase both on the web sales and market share.

Ultimately, alternative 2 is recommended because the initial solution and alternative three or more is recommended because the long lasting solution. Additionally , if plan of action falls, Decathlon should consider changing expense direction and alternative 1 is recommended while the short-term solution.

Problem Statement

Decathlon is a The french language manufacturer and retailer of sporting goods proven in 1976. Nowadays, with many retail limbs set up, Decathlon has developed successfully in Chinese suppliers. Social media has turned into a primary method to attract buyers with the progress technology and market. Consequently , Aaron Zhou, the ecommerce department head should give attention to finding out how to attract consumers and increase business by social media, and, how to overcome the intense market competition and gauge the effectiveness of using social networking.

Situation Evaluation

Considering the over problems, the Aaron Zhou should decide for the marketing strategy coming from different aspects of objectives, qualifications, SWOT research, market examination and important factors analysis.


Objective incorporate personal and company objectives.

While e-commerce department head in the company, Zhou should broaden the effect of social networking as soon as possible. At the same time, Zhou ought to prove the value of social websites to CEO in order to get even more resources in the company just like funds and staffs. In addition , Zhou must find a fair way to measure the effectiveness of employing social media.

The best goal of any corporate should be to make a profit. Yet , money making incurs risks. Decathlon needs to try to keep their reputation, support and the position of the marketplace in mind. Therefore , the company may possibly expand all their market share and increase on the web shares by social media. Specifically, Decathlon's target is to accomplish more than 15 per cent increase of product sales in 2011.


This season, Decathlon Chinese suppliers played an important role in annual sales revenue intended for the company. Totally different from other rivals, Decathlon directed at specific important customer teams and had a smaller marketing finances. Otherwise, Decathlon also marketed new products through traditional multimedia like outdoor billboards and newspapers. Following developed efficiently in China, Decathlon currently had a lot of online promo method, for example , they have their official Chinese website and ranked very good among all Oriental websites.

Although Decathlon is continuing to grow well in Chinese suppliers, sports product market competition is also intense. Nike, Nike, Li-Ning and Anta are main competition of Decathlon in Chinese suppliers and all of them has more business and earnings than Decathlon. In terms of employing social media as a promotional application, the rivals have already surpass Decathlon in user encounter.

To deal with the fierce competition and market place situation, Decathlon established an internet branded Decathlon store...