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Courtroom Proffesional Standards

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Prosecutorial Wrong doings

Prosecutorial wrong doings occurs when the criminal prosecution mishandles a case, compromising the outcome of a case. The following are instances of how a prosecutor can devote misconduct: withholding evidence in the defense, mishandling evidence, trustworthiness of witnesses, displaying opinion towards the accused, and triggering for evidence to be forgotten (Lutsky, 2003). Any one of those actions can lead a judge or jury to generate a conviction that may be unjust.

If a defendant believes that he or she is a patient of prosecutorial misconduct, he or she may then file a state and possibly have verdict overturned. Fortunately for the prosecutor, he or she is guarded from city suits by the Supreme Court (Lutsky, 2003). The reasons that the Supreme The courtroom allows prosecutors immunity is really because they believe that prosecutors may well otherwise dread civil lawsuits and not go forward with their claims (Lutsky, 2003).

The truth of Ellen Reasonover is one that exemplifies prosecutorial misconduct. She was found accountable by a grand jury since they simply heard the important points of the criminal prosecution and therefore just had that to go on (Lutsky, 2003). The prosecution intentionally withheld a recording among Ellen and her sweetheart that proved she was unaware of the reality of the condition and not sure why she was in jail (Lutsky, 2003). Had it displayed remorse on Ellen's behalf, the prosecution would gladly include used it in trial, although instead that they chose to keep back it through the defense. This case also confirmed misconduct for the criminal prosecution because of the trustworthiness of two witnesses they put on the stand and for certainly not correcting false testimony of another (Lutsky, 2003). All of these circumstances were used to show prosecutorial misconduct and caused pertaining to Ellen's dedication to be overturned and for her to be produced from...

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