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Easy Jet

The marketing audit is an elementary part of the promoting planning method. It is carried out not only at the outset of the process, yet also for a series of factors during the rendering of the plan. The marketing audit looks at both internal and external influences upon marketing planning, as well as a review of the plan on its own 1 . Environmental Audict on Easy jet(the factors which could influnce the company) A)Five porter's pushes:

*Threats via new entrants: When fresh airlines your market, that they affect easy jet *Threats from subsititue products: numerous options to go to a destination such as buses, educate.. how these things affect convenient jet *Bargaining power of suppliers: if plane manufacturer industrial facilities sell planes with a high price, how this kind of affect the easy jet's finance *Bargaining power of buyers: as an example easy jet makes a agreement with airplane factories pertaining to 10 years with all the fixed impose so the manufacturer can't boost the price during this period. Bargaining allows you to buy products in a cheaper charge *Internal Rivalry: Internal competation, easy jet fight against other flight companies Threat of substitutes-this could be anything that can be a substitute to EasyJet or airline market in general. For example, another aircarrier with possibly lower prices, customers opting to use other settings of transport (trains for instance). When Heatrow was hit by simply that enormous fog just before Christmas with out planes had been flying, Eurostar trains were suddenly most booked. We would think, yet , that for Easy Jet, there would be no big risk of alternatives. There is a danger of growing competition but this isn't the case of substitutes. Substitues happen to be in other words 'me too' products which are more unlikely to occur in airline sector or services industry then in FMCG. I think.

Buyers-here you can list down any likely threats coming from buyers. That's where you look on the relationship between Easy Aircraft and its targeted consumers. How strong is straightforward Jet company? Do buyers believe in, and also to, Easy Fly? Are they dedicated to Convenient Jet or perhaps do they switch to different airlines without real or perhaps perceived risks? If yes, so why? If not, why not? Do consumers possess alternative to Convenient Jet? If you do, and I would say they actually, how does the relationship between Convenient Jet and its particular consumers change? Who has increased leverage with this relationship, consumers or Easy Jet? Who may be more trustworthy on to whom, why and what extent? Etc ... Inquire as many questions as you can and you will get your response. Talk to somebody who has used Convenient Jet services, ask them what they liked and disliked regarding it, would they use it again and for what reason, how do they feel about Convenient Jet, just how did they decide to travel with Easy Jet, can they choose Easy Fly again

B)Swot analysis: four main strenghts and the opposite ones happen to be for disadvantages *Finance


*HR Department

*Reputation and photo

EasyJet Aircarrier Company Limited:


* EasyJet is a leading provider of low budget, not any frills surroundings travel servicing a lot of the leading city destinations in britain and across Europe, which include Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Prague. * They offer a top quality service for competitive rates and offer a number of features which includes ticketless travel, internet booking and helped travel providers. * They have a highly distinctive livery on their very own fleet of plane making them very easily recognisable and distinguishing these people from their rivals. * They may have a user friendly website which fully discloses the cost breakdown from the passengers prepared travel. Offering a full break down of the value plan inhibits any invisible charges when the customer confirms there reservation. * EasyJet offers an on the web promotion notify which is e-mailed to existing customers and contact for the company's repository. * Accepted as a leading brand name in the UK travel industry. * Like a market innovator in an market widely seen as an leading contributor to the garden greenhouse effect and global warming, EasyJet actively adopt there...