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Comparative Essay

In both these styles Bruce Dawe's poems, " Homo Suburbiensis" and " Up the Wall", he relates to contemporary Australian issues since it portrays the difficult home life of everyday working course Australians in Australian suv settings. The poem " Homo Suburbiensis", embodies the idea of an ordinary man all alone in the garden with use of parody and metaphor. In the various other poem, " Up the Wall", Dawe uses cliché and repetition in the housewife's conversation to demonstrate a unoriginal housewife experiencing seclusion. Essentially, both poems target the thought of isolation, common, common occupants living in a suburban environment. In " Homo Suburbiensis", the title leads us to consider the man is definitely not an individual but a metaphor for those everyday working class Australians. The man is actually a metaphor to get ordinary people since it is effectively proven with the use of multiple in the subject " Homo Suburbiensis", a fresh fictitious species Dawe created to classify the person. This emphasises suburban occupants and the same common regimen they live every day. His use of parody in the subject also mocks the traditional kinds classification of human, the homo sapiens. The average, boring, boring sculpt used through the poem further more demonstrates the poem of your ordinary common man with many frustrating complications. Dawe investigates the everyday life of a prevalent Australian stay at home mom in " Up the Wall", with the use of cliché in the title. The poem's title reminds us of the cliché of being influenced up the wall, usually accustomed to describe someone in a situation of desperation. It often occurs in a domestic placing, as in becoming driven the wall by the rant from her children which is carving the single mother's mind up. This is significant as the phrase " Up the Wall" is an overused phrase, similar to the housewife's life since she is stereotypical and prevalent. Dawe frequently draws on such clichéd terms in his beautifully constructed wording, especially when he can examining and satirising interpersonal and ethnical behaviour....