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ch19 answers

Name____________________________________________________________Per. ______ Robert T. StrayerWays on the planet: A Brief Global History

Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources

Chapter 19 Study Guide, Internal Issues, External Threats: China, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan, 1800-1914, Research Guide (Original: pp. 559-586; With Resources: pp. 877-903) The Exterior Challenge: Western Industry and Empire

1 ) What had been the 4 dimensions of European imperialism that demonstrated how Cina, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan were active individuals in the global drama with the 19th C. world history and not merely passive victims or perhaps beneficiaries? installment payments on your In what ways did the commercial Revolution condition the character of 19th C. European imperialism? 3. What were conditions by which Europeans judged both themselves as well as the rest of the world? 4. What contributed to changing European landscapes of Asians and Africans in the nineteenth C.?

Reversal of Fortune: China's Century of Crisis

five. In what ways was Chinese suppliers a victim of its earlier accomplishment? 6. That which was the finale of China's internal problems by 1850? Why? 7. What did the revolutionary leaders insist on changing?

8. What destroyed the newest rebels?

being unfaithful. What were the consequences of saving the Qing Dynasty?

10. Just how did European pressure promote change in China during the 19th C. to its end? 11. What strategies performed China choose to are up against its numerous problems throughout the 1860s and 1870s? doze. Explain the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

The Ottoman Empire as well as the West in the Nineteenth Century

13. How come was the Ottoman Empire generally known as " The Sick Man of Europe”?

18. What two forces helped to diminish the size of the Ottoman Empire? 15. What were the personal and economical problems with the Ottoman Empire? Politically,


16. Review Ottoman Disposition reforms with China during the 19th hundred years. 17. About what ways do the Ottoman state beneath Sultan Selim III make an effort to reform itself in its attempt to modernize? ▪

18. Make clear the " Young Ottomans” urgings of Islamic Modernism. 19. Just how did Sultan Abd al-Hamid II rule the Ottoman Empire (1876-1909) after he had taken office? 20. What did the Young Turks do to oppose the revived despotism of the Sultan? 21. Evaluate the outcomes of China plus the Ottoman Empire by the 20th century. Chinese suppliers Similarities Ottoman Empire

The two had skilled the consequences of any rapidly changing balance of global power. The collapse in the Ottoman Disposition after WWI led to a creation of a new but smaller nation-state in the European heartland from the old disposition, having shed its great Arab and European pays. The Japanese Big difference: The Rise of a New East Asian Power

twenty two. What was the main task of the Tokagawa shogunate? 23. Describe the position of the daimyo under the Tokagawa shogunate (1600-1850). 24. Without national military services, no consistent currency, and little central authority, how did the Tokagawa routine stabilize the country? 25. About what ways was Japan changing during the Tokagawa era? 21. In what techniques did the Japanese modernize under the Meiji recovery? 27. What was the view of these who straight experienced Western imperialism in Taiwan or perhaps Korea?

Explain the significance of each of the following:

Social Darwinsim—



Commodore Matthew Perry—

Russo-Japanese Battle (1904-1905)—

Phase 19 Examine Guide Solution Key

1 . What had been the four dimensions of European imperialism that demonstrated how China and tiawan, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan were active members in the global drama from the 19th C. world background not merely unaggressive victims or perhaps beneficiaries? They faced the immense armed service power and political plans of rival European says. They were enmeshed in systems of control, investment, and sometimes migration that radiated out from an industrializing and capitalist The european union to generate a new world economy. These people were touched simply by various aspects of traditional Euro cultures, as some among them learned...