Essay upon Cau Thi Bich Tran, Shot in San Jose, 2003

Cau Thi Bich Tran, Shot in San Jose, the year 2003

Cau Thi Bich Tran, shot in San Jose, 2003

On July 13th of the year 2003, a Vietnamese woman known as Cau Thi Bich Tran was fatally shot inside the chest and killed. The lady was killed in her apartment facing her man, with her two children inside the adjacent place. On the nights July 13, Tran got accidentally locked herself away of her bedroom. After calling for law enforcement officials assistance, the girl took her children outdoors. A neighbors spotted among her children and made a police problem about an unsupervised child on the street. After Tran went back inside her house, she attempted to open her bedroom door using a Japanese vegetable peeler called a 'dao bao'. The neighbor then called the police a second period, fearing a domestic argument since the lady heard screaming and knocking from Tran's apartment. Officer Chad Marshall arrived at the scene this individual allegedly barged into Tran's house. Thinking that Tran was holding the vegetable peeler as a system, he shot her inside the chest, certainly not once requesting her to put the peeler down. This kind of happened moments after the police arrived on the scene. Tran's boyfriend witnessed the entire exchange; her two sons screaming hysterically within the next room. Cau Thi Bich Tran was 4'9" and weighed lower than 100 pounds. After the event, police and media information focused on Tran's history of mental illness, disregarding the wrong presumption of Officer Chad Marshall that triggered her loss of life. When Official Marshall was cleared of any wrongdoing, her family members filed a wrongful loss of life suit up against the Officer plus the city in November. When ever Tran was 19, the lady moved to the United States. Here, she met Dane Quang Bui, the man who later become her man and daddy of two sons, Tony, 4, and Tommy, 2 . On This summer 13, her dreams of starting a salon were brought to a screeching halt by a fateful decision by Police officer Chad Marshall, her fantastic. It takes a minute or so of carelessness, one second of anger and one long stage and that security and safety will be ruined.