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CASE Brief

Case Brief

764 P. 2d 1316

Supreme Court of recent Mexico.

Billie J. RODMAN, Petitioner–Appellant,

sixth is v.

NEW SOUTH AMERICA EMPLOYMENT SECURENESS DEPARTMENT and Presbyterian Medical center, Respondents–Appellees. No . 17721. Nov. 30, 1988.

Written By: Lawrence Pelkey


Billie M. Rodman, Appellant was employed by Presbyterian Clinic as a product secretary to get eight years when, about Feb 17, 1987, the lady was terminated under medical center personnel policies following a " third corrective action” recognize. Prior restrictions had been put on Rodman's conduct due to personal problems adversely impacting after her workplace. Rodman was reprimanded in June 1986 for receiving an excessive number of personal telephone calls and visitors for her operate station, that was disruptive with her own function and to her co-workers. Rodman was to have zero personal phone calls during function hours outside a designated break or supper, in which event they were to happen in an area not obvious to people, physicians, or perhaps other office staff. The moment leaving the department for lunch, Rodman was going to report to her immediate supervisor and has not been to keep the hospital. Rodman was to remember to resolve the matters in her personal life that have been causing challenges at work. However, according to the testimony of her supervisor, incredibly disruptive phone calls continued. The doctors had been beginning to touch upon it. Employees was getting distressed. Relating to her boss, "[A]gain we talked about the visits, the behaviour at the table. When it received pretty awful with the calls, Billie would slam graphs, push chairs and be just a little abrupt with all the people she worked with. ” Another created reprimand in November of 1986 aware Rodman that her task was in peril if the troublesome behavior ongoing. The manager established limitations prohibiting the claimant via having tourists at the section and directed her to notify secureness if there were a potential difficulty. On Feb ....