Car Marketplace  Buying Behaviour Essay

Car Market & Buying Behavior

п»ї[September doze, 2007]

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Over the past number of years it has been found that Indian Car Industry is growing by a rapid charge and has generated a strong foundation for low cost making and executive competitiveness therefore attracting many global factory manufacturers (OEMs) like GENERAL MOTORS, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan, etc ., to leverage the India opportunity across the value chain. Car component market has also expanded both household as well as on the export front. Its power in technology intensive parts is producing India a factor sourcing link for most global OEMs. As a result this car industry is now one of the leading foreign trade hubs intended for the global community. Introduction

Seeing that, 1991 opening of the economic climate has changed the face area of automobile industry. Today, it is amongst the main drivers of growth of Indian economic climate with a great output multiplier of 2. 24(for every Lso are. 1 invested, auto sector gives back again Rs. installment payments on your 24 for the economy). In recent times we have found increasing volume of global players entering American indian market by using Joint ventures, collaborations or perhaps wholly held subsidiary. Sudden interest of major global players has made Indian vehicle industry incredibly competitive since India supplies twin benefit of ready industry and Low priced manufacturing bottom for them. At present Car market constitute 14% of vehicle sector with regards to unit. Global scenario

Car industry is among the largest industries in the world, there are plenty of players in world manufacturing automobiles, among all those are (a) General motors, Ford in USA (b) Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Lexus, Volkswagen, Renault, etc . in Europe (c) Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai and Suzuki, etc . in Asia. Global market for cars prediction to increase simply by 3. 8% to 40. 7 meters units in 2007 -- an increase of almost 1 . 9 m units. Biggest contribution has to come from developing Asia (excludes Japan) and the regarding that place, especially China. Contribution of the Pacific Rim countries for the growing world market is, by 2009, practically an additional five million products. Indian circumstance

The PAL entered the Indian industry in core 90 with Premier car, then Maruti started recording the Of india market with help of maruti 800. The auto industry generally has grown in a CAGR of 13. 5% p. a over the last 5 years, presently, India is 11th largest traveling car market in the world and is also expected to end up being the 7th largest marketplace by 2016. The Car industry has come about as a essential contributor towards the Indian economic climate; currently India has low car transmission with 3 cars in 1000 people. India may be the fourth-largest car market in Asia. Cars come in great variety, beginning from 2-seater electric car REVA to 5-seater compact cars just like Zen, Santro, Indica, and so forth They come in almost all ranges– inexpensive and luxurious. The availability, sales, export figures of Indian car industry (units/annum) of last 5 yrs are given in Annexure 1 and sales, export statistics ( income wise) and growth pattern for last 5 years are given in Annexure 2 . Key players in India

Player like Tata Power generators, Maruti Udyog Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra, etc are the leading American indian manufacturers in passenger cars section, whereas a large number of foreign players such as Hyundai, Honda, Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Daimler The chrysler, etc are also serving the segment. Maruti is the market leader with popular brands maruti 800, zen and alto. Hyundai is second with santro, accent and many others, Tata power generators is third with indica, indigo and so forth, Mahindra and Mahindra can be leading participant in electricity vehicle with scorpio, Look etc, Honda with company civic. Industry share, product sales and export of each palyer is given in Annexure 3....