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For more than 75 years, Blackmores has played out an important part in the development of the organic health industry in Australia. This kind of timeline particulars some of Blackmores' key breakthrough.

Blackmores, Australia's leading organic health manufacturer, improves individuals lives simply by delivering the world's finest natural health solutions, for being peoples' first choice in health care. We accomplish this by converting our unrivalled heritage and knowledge in innovative, top quality branded health care solutions that work. Our good quality products, dependable free holistic advisory assistance and prime website are among the many causes Blackmores is the most trusted brand in all-natural health.

Blackmores(百丽康美 或者 澳佳宝™)是澳大利亚的第一品牌保健品,是澳大利亚的保健品之始祖,提供一系列高品质的维生素、矿物质、草药以及营养补充品。Blackmores成立于1930年,已经有近80年历史。经过80年努力,它已经成长为澳洲本土及全世界最被信任的生活科技健康食品公司。Blackmores作为澳洲最受信赖的自然保健之父,已经与它" The Best Of Health”的承诺一起享誉全球。目前已经销售的国家包括澳洲、新西兰、香港、马来西亚、新加坡、泰国、韩国、中国台湾、香港及大陆地区。 澳佳宝™在1985年5月正式成为上市公司。目前拥有超过400名员工 ,总部设在澳大利亚悉尼。 澳佳宝™已创立80年,一直努力为改善人们健康而推出优质天然保健品。在以天然方式改善健康的专业领域里是研发和营销的领导者,亦是维生素、矿物质和营养素方面的专家。 澳佳宝™的产品都必须达到世界上最严格的监管标准,而且还为顾客提供诚恳可信赖的咨询服务,以及为零售伙伴和健康专家准备一系列的培训和客户服务计划。 正是因为澳佳宝™对高标准、优质产品成分、良好生产管理技术和可信赖资讯的追求和承诺,使得澳佳宝™成为市场上最高级别的品牌,也是澳洲天然保健的第一品牌。 在2009年读者文摘最具信誉品牌调查中,澳佳宝™获得由澳洲人民投选为" 最具信誉维生素和营养补充品品牌”的殊荣。 澳佳宝™已经与2012年正式登陆中国。

2013年1月,澳佳宝™入驻京东商城,开启电商销售之路。 编辑本段品牌历史

Blackmores由英国移民 Maurice Blackmore (莫利斯& 布莱莫,1906-1977) 于 1930 年代创立,凭着前瞻性的健康理念与热诚,令企业成为澳洲第一健康食品品牌,70 多年来一直屹立不倒。 Maurice Blackmore深信草本植物和矿物质可促进健康,因此发展了一系列以自然疗法为基础的医疗系统。他对自然健康、预防医学、环境以及资源再生的见解,在 1930 年代是相当激进的。他的努力为疾病治疗和有效促进健康开启了另一扇通往康庄大道之门。 此外,Maurice Blackmore于 1938 年在布里斯本成立了澳洲第一间健康食品专门店,并与同事及朋友合作,在澳洲开办自然疗法学院以及协会。时至今日,他的信念仍令人信服,很多自然疗法医师也将他的理论纳入训练课程中。 经过80年努力,Blackmores已经成长为澳洲本土及全世界最被信任的生活科技健康食品公司。 编辑本段社会和环保责任

Blackmores作为自然健康与身心健康产业的领导者,百丽康美始终秉持著创办人莫利斯·布莱莫的理念,致力关心社会、环境以及资源保存的议题。 社会责任

百丽康美的崇高价值影响了产业与社会,涵盖从临床研究、负责任的监管、行销手法以及教育,并因此获得高度肯定与尊敬。 慈善活动

百丽康美鼓励所有员工参与慈善计画。只要员工授权,公司就会於发薪日扣除 0. 5% 的应纳税所得并存入百丽康美员工社区福利基金(Blackmores Employees Community Chest)指定的信托帐户,同时公司也会等值提拨 zero. 5%,将合计 1% 的金额存入信托帐户中。每个参与员工每年可有两次机会指定接受捐款的立案慈善机构。 除此之外,百丽康美每年也会协助社区团体,提供百丽康美礼篮及捐款,协助相关募款活动。

1 . a couple of the industry of blackmores:

Blackmores is market head in the Nutritional Herbal and Mineral Health supplement (VHMS) market in Australia, with strong marketplace positions in New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and an expanding presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

Around the world Blackmores' products are sold by health care professionals which includes naturopaths, in pharmacies and health food stores. Also, they are retailed through mass retailers, supermarkets and distributors. Around 85% with the company's revenue are from the Australian business, with the worldwide business' effects increasing every year and the ASEAN region symbolizing a significant opportunity for Blackmores. The growth in modern day, fast paced life-style and an ever-increasing focus on protective health and wellbeing will be key motorists for progress in the VHMS industry throughout the markets that we operate. It turned out magnified recently with the common economic concern and global health concerns. Our company is seeing a strong social pattern towards buyers taking a increased responsibility for own wellness. This is influenced both by simply consumer draw and authorities push, because the need to restructure healthcare budgets becomes a important priority. Throughout the regions, generally, we see if you are an00 of ethnic acceptance of vitamins and dietary supplements. There is also a growing breakthrough of common key health condition concerns which include arthritis, heart and hypercholesteria, stress, exhaustion, sleep and eye overall health. Our analysis suggests our customers will not consider vitamin supplements a discretionary spend, but an integral component of their " self-care” plan, and they check out invest in trusted products they will know they can trust. As complementary medications continue to be a little more mainstream, and even more research is spent towards all of them, we are capable to the view the increasing...