Better the foot go than the tongue Essay

Better the foot slip compared to the tongue

Better the foot slide than the tongue

What is a " word”? It is just a combination of sounds and words. But a few see. When mother says to her very little daughter: " You will be my sweetie” or " You happen to be my enchanting princess” slightly curious animal smiles and snuggles for the most sensitive person in her small , and colourful community. But what regarding: " You are a incredibly naughty girl. How could you rip your new costume! ” moaping her mother angrily. These kinds of word combos cause an effect of smoking splashes of champagne and a child begins crying and apologizing although deep inside an angry issue takes offence at the whole world. Words have an gigantic influence upon us. They will make us be completely happy or unhappy, kind or perhaps angry, condescending or merciful. They can restore or eliminate us. For all of us to be a a part of society is incredibly significant to appreciate the support that goes directly from people who find themselves close to us. As usual we express it with words and phrases that present our accurate and genuine attitude into a person. Or not who have knows. Nevertheless there is a single very essential point. Sometimes words don't be employed by us. " The word you did not declare is your slave, the word that steered clear of from you can be your master” said one particular very wise Oriental poet. And it is turned out for centuries. Later such circumstance when you claim something angrily or even unconsciously and then you comprehend that you abuse or hurt a person and it can be even a first step to a conflict. And then also after all things are set, you remember that upsetting moment inside your soul, you try to ignore with all your cardiovascular system but are not able to. But it is definitely hardly conceivable to avoid this sort of situations. Sometimes they support us to reconsider our behavior and force all of us not to place on airs. However somebody suffers. Beyond any doubt activities speak even louder than terms but actually human beings like to do everything quite contrary and as usual will be entrapped by their own stupidity. I think that the most crucial second is to keep in mind that everything you think, say or perhaps do indicates the people you...