Essay about Police Position Description inside the Media

Police Part Description in the Media

Nelson Mieles

Law enforcement Role Description in the Media

CJA/333 Policing Theory & Practices

Teacher – Patrick S. Montes, MSCJ

University of Phoenix, arizona

May 18, 2010

Week One

Criminal offense Fighter

Women and men who deal with against offense, not only in standard of the police force they work for but also as people who want to keep their community free of offense, are considered Crime Fighters. This title is usually not limited to just men and women, it may also be a title to get the tool that the police officers use.

This article by Conor Berry of The Pittsfield Berkshire Eagle titled " Breath-test technology minds to Mother. Courtroom, ” questions the efficacy and accuracy in the alcohol-detection system used in drunk-driving cases.

The Alcotest 7110 is an alcohol-detection unit used by Ma police division. On Sept 23, 2010, Worcester Area Court Evaluate Richard Sullivan is expected to hear account from Pittsfield attorney Leonard H. Cohen and other Ma defense lawyers advocating for the legal placement regarding the trustworthiness of this unit.

To obtain answers about the dependability of test effects about the Alcotest and also to have it defendable in court of law, the company who also manufacturers the device, a A language like german manufacturer, needs to disclose information about the device. This kind of requirements need a judicial treatment.

In the past, Alcotest's manufacturer says that the details being wanted was exclusive in mother nature and therefore off-limits to legal representatives and the public. Nevertheless , company representatives at Drager, Alcotest maker, have opted for turn over the cause codes. The cause codes certainly are a series of methods arranged in ways to implement Alcotest's breath-testing sequence. This inferred breath-testing manner is definitely " the sole accepted method for evidentiary breathing testing inside the commonwealth” according to the Massachusetts Exec Office of Public Safety and Security. Cohen anticipates the issue can make it to the Appeals The courtroom or possibly towards the Supreme The courtroom, in which uncomplicated, facile, undemanding, easy, basic, simple legal precedents would be proven.

Does this document give and accurate watch of law enforcement work or a media enhanced view? In my opinion that it obviously points out the " behind the scenes” of police work as well as the people who are looking to make police work easier and fair. This article brings up a question, if we are acquiring problems with such devices, including, not being able to get the print-out or perhaps the schematics of your product from a foreign region being used by our officers in the field, why are we purchasing these products from international countries? Obtain purchase the items from a north american company who are able to easily be " forced” by a the courtroom order to stop the idea or perhaps plans on just how this type of unit works. Cultural Servant

" Off-duty Illinois deputy stood by because shoplifter was killed. ” This was the headline of the article in the Chicago Sun Times authored by Kim Janssen and Frank Main. Authorities and eyewitness accounts vary about what specifically happened every time a correction expert just was by like a drugstore staff strangled a shoplifter to death by a CVS pharmacy.

The incident was filmed for the stores camera and that showed the off-duty Cook County Sheriff's officer ranking just back yards away even though the employee strangled the shoplifter. Chicago Authorities said that these were unaware of the off-duty correctional officer's presence during the shoplifter's final occasions. Chicago Law enforcement spokeswoman Luxury touring. Maureen Biggane said the officer dialed 911 through the scene and identified very little.

Anthony Kyser, 35, a great unemployed damefris?r with a history of drug and burglary arrests, was clogged to death by a retail store employee, after stealing tooth paste and colors from the CVS store. Law enforcement officials say the death was " accidental” and that the employee are not charged.

Conflicts remain regarding whether the police officer drew her weapon or perhaps left the scene before the Chicago Authorities arrived. Witnesses told the Sun-Times, that shortly before 11 a. m....

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