Assistive Technology Device Assessment Essay

Assistive Technology Device Review

Widgit Software Program

The assistive technology tool I choose to review is a Widgit software program. It is a software program that uses symbols to create a variety of diverse documents- books, reports, worksheets, posters, and so forth. The documents created from this program could be made into any kind of size- whether it is a book or possibly a single linen of information. The symbols are available in black and white colored or color, and there are above 11, 500 symbols by many different types. If the customer cannot look for a symbol, they will upload their particular easily and add speech pockets or casings to the image. There are even sample and ready-made templates available for the user to use. " A lot of people with extreme learning issues will never be able to read and write; others will have a few capability yet find solving text extremely difficult” (Welcome to Widgit). The Widgit software program consists of multiple products for communication, information, language, and learning. What you use for each person depends of his/her requires and preference. Everyone is different with different abilities. The programs are Communicate: On the web, Communicate: SymWriter, Communicate: By choice, and Communicate: Concepts. These courses focus on adding visual support to published text, making reading fewer challenging. The Widget software programs enable people to " translate” written text by incorporating it with symbols. Signs engage people. Using symbols is a simple, quick, and visible way of interacting. It is important to know that icons are different from photos. " Photographs convey a wide range of information at the same time and its target may be not clear, while emblematic focuses on just one concept. What this means is symbols can be put together to develop more specific information” (Wearmouth, 2009, p. 183). Emblems are used everywhere in everyday routine as a simple and direct technique of communicating. Whether a sign for a foreign international airport or a group of instructions for how to use a brand new appliance, the application of symbols posseses an instant...

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