Americans Place Too Much Empasis on Appearance Essay

Americans Place Too Much Empasis on Looks

People in the usa place to very much emphasis on looks

In recent years, People in the usa have become obsessed with their appearance. Huge amount of money are put in each year on superficial things, such as makeup, weight loss programs, and designer wear. There are paper ads, television commericials, and magazine adverts that are set up to attract consumers. Subsequently, Americans possess fallen patients to the many pressures to be fashionable, skinny, and fabulous. In addition , fashion companies entice the attention of approximately 70 , 000, 000 American teenagers know while generation y. Trendy urban clothing lines, in fact Fubu, Sean John, and Phat Farm which has an average purchase cost of $75 per item. Generation x, approximately 45 , 000, 000 people given birth to between 65 and 1978, in fact estimations are that newest group of consumers currently has about $150 billion dollars to $250 billion in spending electric power each year with almost a 3rd of the devoted to clothing. Merchants are growing more items to charm generation x the biggest group since the seniors. Moreover, consumers spent about $35 billion dollars dollars in 2000 on weight loss goods ranging from ebooks, videos, drug, and diet plan foods. There are 300 weight loss advertisements that ran during 2001. Several of these ads are taken from: television, radio, net, newspapers, mags, email, and direct mail. A weight loss program, for instance Jenny Craig advertises intended for $20 per month that you can loose a pound a week. You will find advertisements for electronic workout belts, which promise to reduce your abs while you sleep. There is also a miracle pill advertised that may lead to quick weight loss. American has been result in believe simply thin folks are accepted in today's society. Finally, consumers use 1 . forty five billion dollars on personal care items and cosmetics each year. Many consumers, baby boomers in particular are willing to spend additional dollars for lotions, for example Oil of Olay and Neutrogena that...