acturial science Essay

acturial science

Sr. NoSubjectFor India and SAARC Countries (INR)For other than SAARC Countries (INR)

Core Technical Stage (CT)

1CT1 - Financial Mathematics20005000

2CT2 - 2 Fund and Economical Reporting20005000

3CT3 - Likelihood and Numerical Statistics20005000 4CT4 - Models20005000

5CT5 -- General Insurance, Life and Health Contingencies20005000 6CT6 -- Statistical Methods20005000

7CT7 -- Business EconomicsВ 20005000

8CT8 - Financial Economics20005000

9CA1 - Actuarial Risk Management600015000

Consultant Technical Stage (ST)

10ST1 - Health and Care Insurance32008000

11ST2 - Life Insurance32008000

12ST4 - Pension and also other Employee Benefits32008000

13ST5 -- Finance and Investment AВ 32008000

14ST6 - Finance and Investment B32008000

15ST7 - General Insurance: Reserving & Capital Modeling32008000 16ST8 -- General Insurance: Pricing32008000

Consultant Applications Stage (SA)В

17SA1 - Health insurance and Care Insurance400010000

18SA2 -- Life Insurance400010000

19SA3 - General Insurance400010000

20SA4 - Pension and also other Employee BenefitsВ 400010000 21SA5 -- Finance400010000

22SA6 - Investment400010000

Core technicalВ - nine themes, all of which you need to pass or perhaps be exempted from. A large number of are classic exams, yet subject CT9 is either a two-day residential practical exam, or an internet exam. installment payments on your В Core applicationsВ - three subject matter you need to go or become exempted via. Two of these kinds of, subjects CA2 and CA3, involve both attendance at a practical examination, or a web exam. a few. В Specialist technicalВ - you need to move or always be exempted from two of the nine SAINT subjects offered. 4. В Specialist applicationsВ - you have to pass one of the seven SA subjects readily available. No faveur are available. After getting completed the CT and...