Essay about Abc Model of Crisis Input

Dasar Model of Crisis Intervention

Although not everyone that results in a stress factor in life can experience a crisis, some are not able to cope with the stressor in a healthy manner and eventually succumb to a crisis. In the event this person would not receive the enough crisis involvement during this express, he or she is likely to be unable to function at the level he or she had been functioning prior to crisis. This will inevitably result in additional turmoil scenarios for each stressor they have to face anytime. " This pattern can go on for many years before the person's spirit is completely used up of their capacity to manage reality; frequently such persons commit committing suicide, kill someone, or have a psychotic breakdown. ” (Kanel, K. 2007). In order to be capable to help the customer to the most of the counselor's abilities, the ABC Model of Crisis Input provides a useful guideline to find out about problems intervention. Inside our textbook, Kanel states that " The three aspects of a crisis are (1) A precipitating event happens; (2) the perception of this event causes subjective stress; and (3) usual coping methods fail, leading anybody experiencing the event to function psychologically, emotionally, or behaviorally at a lower level than before the precipitating event occurred. ” In order to successfully help a customer cope with a crisis, these three components should be recognized in order that the counselor will help the client recognize and conquer the problems. The perception of the event is by far the most important to identify, as this is the one that will help the counselor select the best treatment for the customer. In order to be an effective crisis involvement counselor, the main skills necessary are listening to the client using a compassionate and empathetic ear. According to our textbook, the standard skill of helping is listening. " Good eye-to-eye contact, attentive gestures, expressive singing style, and verbal following are beneficial listening equipment. ” (Kanel, K. 2007). This implies that by listening to your consumer...

References: Kanel, Kristi (2007). A Guide to Problems Intervention. Belmont, CA; Cengage Learning.