A Lessons for Life Evaluation and Presentation Essay

A Lesson for lifetime Analysis and Interpretation

Jimmy Shantcheat -- A lessons for life

When we are born, we understand nothing and so everything all of us do, we do from the beginning. We are sure to have the initial experience with everything. Whether we like it or not. Many of these first instances will be remarkable. A lot of them will not, but these we take into account have proclaimed us for a lifetime. It is not significant whether it is the first A grade in school, seeing your mother mourn or realizing that everybody sooner or later are going to pass away. It will affect you for the remainder of your life - A lessons for life.

The storyline is crafted and post in the year 2003 but takes place on a Sunday afternoon in the late summer of 1888 in a small town named " Dock William”. The town is rather small , and consist of two rows of properties. The town have only the most necessary services to offer; such as a blacksmith shop, college, hotel and a couple of bars. The town is found in the middle of nowhere, therefore law does not are present in the same way it can do everyelse since there is no one to enforce this. In generel the environment is very rough; tiny bar-fights come to be brutal beatings and kids often die due to sickness or bad luck.

The main characters of the tale are Cushion Fletcher wonderful mother Nancy Fletcher. Nancy Fletcher is definitely married to Ben Fletcher. Mat is definitely their last child however the only one left because the additional three died. Nancy only wears dark-colored clothes, just as you do at a funeral or when you are grieving, this is symbolic for her regular grief in the loss of her first 3 children. She actually is a kind and friendly person and is certainly not afraid to assist strangers in need. Through the whole history Nancy Fletcher is grieving, she is not sad yet grieving. This wounderful woman has a hard time taking the death of her children nevertheless manage to live a relatively frequent life. Since the story continues on and the gentleman comes in for the house needing treatment the like the glass is full and she should not handle even more death.

Mat Fletcher is a little 5 year old boy. One of the most of his life...