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The exciting reason why I’ve been neglecting my blog

I’ll be honest – usually I hate these kind of posts. Which is why I haven’t done one until now.

I always think “in the time you took to write those monthly ‘sorry I haven’t blogged’ posts, you could have written one or two actual posts”. Plus they make a blog look dead.

But I’ve been well aware for some time now that this blog already looks dead, and I think it’s time to explain myself to any people who still read it.

There’s really 3 reasons (read: excuses) why I haven’t been blogging, and the third is the one that’s super exciting.

  1. I haven’t had the time/energy. Yep – crappy excuse first. I work full time, spreading myself across three part-time roles. I work as a social media manager for Sillman Thomas, as a marketing officer for Koru Architects and at the Post Growth Institute I manage the Post Growth Alliance and am also a co-director. Plus my work means I go to lots of workshops and talks and networking events in the evenings. Also I have actually been blogging – just not independently. I manage a blog as part of each of those three jobs. But this point wouldn’t be enough to stop me on its own.
  2. I’ve learnt so much that I’m overwhelmed. This is a bit of a weird one. During the last year since I graduated from uni and started working in digital marketing, (plus my own research from excellent resources like Problogger), I’ve learnt a dizzying amount about how to make a blog effective. From SEO to copywritng to CTAs to autoresponders, my head is full of best practices which are a million miles ahead of where this blog is. Having so much to update with so little time is kind of paralysing.
  3. I am planning a new blog. Here comes the exciting bit! If this wasn’t the case I could power through issues 1 and 2. But I have a new blog brewing. Well, more of an evolution of this one really. Refocused, rebranded and reborn. I’m not going to write much about it here, but it’s going to be a blog about the politics of one planet living. And by that I mean how party politics relates to sustainability, sustainability policy, but also the complex power relations around environmental issues. Basically a political ecology blog, but written in a casual accessible and hopefully entertaining style.

I’ve been percolating on this new blogging idea for some time. I’ve been brainstorming content ideas, researching the topics and researching blogging techniques.  I’ve got high hopes for starting this in the new year. So watch this space in 2017! 

Environmental Communication & Journalism

Good evening lovelies.

My latest episode of Future Focus is now online and can be listened to here. This one’s on environmental communication, and features an interview with the design coordinator of the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury Festival 2014, the wonderful and talented Tabitha Pope. The episode discusses the many forms environmental communication can take, and how important it is in a society that increasingly relies on the media. Please give it a listen, and tell me what you think. And if you like it, please get on the link-love and share, share, share!  Continue reading

Earth Baby’s New Home


Good evening beautiful readers, welcome to my new website!

This site – earthbabyblog.org – is completely my own. I’m using WordPress software and I’ve imported all my articles and their comments from my old blog which was hosted by wordpress.com. I’ve wanted to get my own domain name for a while, but what sparked such a hasty transfer was my unpleasant discovery that all my posts on the old blog were hosting adverts. I didn’t realise they were there until yesterday, and some of them were completely inappropriate for a blog about sustainability.  So now here we are, ad free and fully customizable…

Earth Baby is now in a bit of a changeable period while I get everything sorted out. I still need to download plug-ins that’ll allow me to have a subscribers feature and access to my statistics. Also I’m not 100% happy with the design yet. I’ll be going through a few different themes and getting my techno-savvy boyfriend to customize the coding for me. I’m also thinking of getting my artsy friend to draw up a logo for my blog! So keep checking back, because it’s all change as far as Earth Baby’s concerned.

Thank god I’ve got rid of those pesky ads.

Have a lovely evening!


Outrageous WordPress Ads

UPDATE: This post doesn’t really apply now that I’ve got my own website for Earth Baby. I’ve just left it here in case anyone still wanted to read it. 

I’m absolutely livid.

Today I looked at one of my older posts, because somebody had commented on it, and I was presented with this message at the end of the article.

I knew that WordPress have a special option for bloggers to earn money from their writing by getting ads on their blog. Some people earn a full time living wage in this way. I decided not to, because it’s totally inappropriate for my blog. I criticize advertising and consumerism, not to mention many specific unethical companies. So it would be ridiculously counter-productive and hypocritical to then earn money from adverts. But as you can see, I got this message saying ”Occasionally, some of your visitors will see an advertisement here.” Confused and angry, I clicked on the ‘Tell me more’ option.

It turns out that even though I decided not to earn revenue from my blog by allowing ads to encroach on it, WordPress have been going right ahead and making money for themselves by sticking adverts on my posts! Without my knowledge or permission! God knows how long this has been going on. Apparently logged-in WordPress users will never see the ads, but other readers will. Obviously I wanted to check out what other people would be seeing, in the box where I got the above message. In Internet Explorer this is what I got.

I almost fell on the floor when I saw this. Fucking McDonald’s! How fucking dare they! Plus Samsung, and two other random companies. This is not okay. Why haven’t I got any sneering comments about this glaring hypocrisy? It must be obvious to any reader that this is completely against the philosophy of Earth Baby.

To help me check out the scale of the problem, my boyfriend searched through my posts on his computer. He didn’t find any more ads, and I breathed a sigh or slight relief. Then he realised he had AdBlocker installed, which was doing its job of blocking them out. He changed to another browser and tried again. Sure enough, not just some but every single one of my heartfelt posts had an advertisement on the bottom. They were for random products, and even banks.

WordPress offers a No Ads Upgrade to ensure against these commercial intrusions, for the sum of $30 per year. Great. Make me pay money to have what I thought I was getting anyway. I can’t even afford that at the moment, as I’m pretty much skint until my student loan comes through next month. I guess I’m going to have to either fork out for that, or stop using WordPress. I don’t want to give up blogging. I could use another platform I guess. But I don’t like Blogger, and they probably do the same thing anyway, come to think of it. I’ll plan to get my own website I guess.

I’m so upset and angry about this.

Needless to say, if you’re a WordPress user reading this, then this is going on on your blog too, unless you’ve already got the bloody upgrade. If you’re not from WordPress, then I’m so sorry about this – I’m incredibly embarrassed and feel like my words have been violated. There’s probably an ad showing on this post. Ignore it. I don’t want it there.


Happy Birthday Earth Baby!

WordPress informs me that Earth Baby is 2 years old today!

It may be a small achievement compared to the mega-blogs that have been going for years and have thousands of subscribers, but for my part I’m incredibly proud of myself for actually keeping up with this hobby. Before I started blogging I was much more fickle, and would constantly be starting projects and then leaving them in the dust after a short burst of activity. I secretly thought Earth Baby might see the same fate, but 2 years on I’m still as excited as ever about this little internet haven.

I really do think internet publishing is such a fantastic invention. I love writing, and I love doing things on my own terms. The fact that I can essentially publish my own work for free, and have people from all around the globe reading it for free, is a really empowering concept. Updating this blog makes me happy and gives me a sense of purpose in my everyday life. I may not have thousands of readers yet, but the fact that I have any readers – who might be inspired by my words – is to me a great achievement.

Here’s to many years of writing and the revolution I can feel brewing with every day.

Tegan Tallullah x

On trees, excitement, books and writing

Hello lovely readers! I’m sorry to admit I’ve been neglecting my blog slightly these last few weeks, and I’ve only just noticed why. It’s my summer holiday from university and I’m back in my hometown for a couple of months, visiting my family and my old friends. I realised today that the reason I haven’t been writing is because I see it as something I do when I’m at home. That is to say, in the city where I study and have my own flat with my boyfriend, it’s very much part of my daily routine to read up about environmental news and theories and write blog entries about my little discoveries. Here in my small and eccentric hometown I’m accustomed to doing nothing more than taking my little brother to the park and drinking cider with my friends.
But seeing as I’m here for quite a while this time, rather than the fleeting visit that’s been the norm since I moved away, I really need to get into the habit of writing here as well.
So that’s quite enough of my rambling, now I’ll get on and tell you a couple of things that are more relevant.

  • Firstly, I’m very excited because I got a message from my dad today (who lives in Portugal and is a computer enthusiast) saying that he’s going to set up a new internet business for carbon-offsetting by tree-planting. I know there are several of these kinds of businesses already, but as he says, many of them charge quite a substantial amount of money, and some simply give money to people who were going to plant trees anyway. That’s great because such projects deserve the financial support, but it doesn’t mean any extra trees are going to get planted, if you see what I mean. Anyway lots of his friends in rural Portugal own land, plus the cost of basic things like seeds is very low there so he won’t need to charge much. The best bit is, he wants me to do the writing for the website, explaining the project to potential customers. This would mean I can a) help my dad b) support an ethical green enterprise and c) build my writing portfolio. Win win win!
  • It’s my 20th birthday this coming Tuesday (the 16th July) and I’ve asked my mother for one or two books on post-growth economics. As you may of read, I was bowled over by Enough is Enough and I’m desperate to learn more about the concept. It makes so much sense to me, and yet seems too good to be true. To think that there might actually be a way to attain the kind of sustainable, equitable and compassionate society that seems so out of reach on a bad day – it’s incredibly exciting. When I’ve researched more about post growth economics I’ll write properly about it, but for now please check out my review of Enough is Enough, or this FAQ by Make Wealth History (which, incidentally, is one of my favourite blogs at the moment).

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer and I promise I’ll be more on it with the writing from now on!