The Arctic Sunrise and her crew

Success: The Arctic 30

Great news hit my inbox at 5:50pm this evening.
The Arctic 30 have been granted amnesty, an official pardon for being convicted for political activities! 

The exact date of their release hasn’t been decided yet and is up to the Russian government, but they should be home soon. I’m so happy that justice and common sense has prevailed for once. The 860 worldwide protests probably didn’t hurt either!

The Arctic Sunrise and her crew

The Arctic Sunrise and her crew


Huge worldwide campaign to save the Arctic 30…

Even Madonna got involved...

Even Madonna got involved…

This just shows that with enough energy, people power can come out on top!
I was outraged for these brave souls that were thrown into jail for protecting the climate. And beyond that, I was also worried their plight would scare people away from peaceful protest, seeing it as too risky. But this victory on Greenpeace’s (and the planet’s) behalf has put those worries to bed. Now I think the story of the Arctic 30 can be seen as a story of hope and inspiration.

Join me in hoping they get back to their families for Christmas, and that Greenpeace continues to fight for climate justice!


2 thoughts on “Success: The Arctic 30

  1. I too found this good news in my inbox today. I had similar concerns as you did about their imprisonment so glad Russia caved to the demands of the people.

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