Video: The big picture behind the credit crunch, and what to do about it

Hey there.

Just want to share this 12-minute video I came across on Sustainable Man. It really succinctly explains how the economic crash of 2008 is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg, and how due to the depletion of key resources we’re in for a very tough time indeed. Don’t worry, around half way in it saves you from alarm and possible depression by turning to the more proactive question of “what can we do about it?” The solutions explored in the rest of the video are just a teeny tiny teaser of the awesome stuff people are working on all around the world, so be sure to do some more research. For ideas on what to punch into google you could check out my post The Big Bumper Book of Solutions

Share with your friends, especially people who don’t already know about this stuff, and start a conversation!

Also don’t you think the illustrations are brilliant?



6 thoughts on “Video: The big picture behind the credit crunch, and what to do about it

  1. Tegan, thank you for sharing this video. I get overwhelmed by how bad things may get as time goes on and this video is a good way to stop and realize we can survive, and well, if we start to do something now. Btw, I didn’t get time to comment on your busyiness post. Good luck with your radio show.

    1. Hey Lois. I’m glad you liked the video. I thought it summed up our global situation really well. And the last bit was really important for a reality check, like you say. The more we prepare for low carbon living, the smoother the transition will be.
      And thank you for the luck! I will post on here when I know the broadcast slot. (:

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