Radio Show: Future Focus

I have been creating a monthly talk show about sustainability with Radio Free Brighton, a not-for-profit digital community radio station based in my city. Each of the episodes is centered around a key sustainability theme, and includes my opinions on the topic, local music, an interview with someone from that field and links to more information.

The tone of Future Focus is decidedly upbeat and positive, focusing more on solutions than problems, and hoping to inspire a realistic yet also optimistic view of our collective future. Geographically, it focuses on Brighton and the UK, but the issues discussed are important to the whole world.

For ease of access, I’ve decided to place links to all my episodes in this static page on my blog. The other good thing about posting them all here is that it allows me to promote the organizations and bands that have helped me out with their time, expertise and music in a more lasting and effective way.

Please have a listen, share with interested friends, and feel free to post a comment or question below!


Episode 1: Energy
Featuring an interview with Howard Johns from Southern Solar and music by Monksey.

Episode 2: Food
Featuring an interview with Meiwah Tang from HASL and The Food Waste Collective and music by Sexwax.

Episode 3: Travel 
Featuring an interview with Neil Morgan from The Big Lemon and music by The Big Slur.

Episode 4: Environmental Communication
*Special Glastonbury Festival 2014 Edition*
Featuring an interview with Tabitha Pope from Greenpeace UK and music by Yumi and the Weather.

Episode 5: Waste 
Featuring an interview with Darren Hedges from Paper Round and music by Sexwax

Episode 6: Business 
Featuring an interview with Fiona Ras from the Brighton Social Enterprise Centre and music by Tom Burton.

Episode 7: Economics
Featuring an interview with Donnie Maclurcan from the Post Growth Institute and music by Shaolin Colour Cult.


3 thoughts on “Radio Show: Future Focus

  1. Would you like to coordinate on your postings (both retro and going forward)? I’d like to propose that you re-package your materials for Green Blizzard with links pointing back to your blog? Win-win for both of us. Your material gets more exposure, links back to your website. Your bring a UK environmental perspective to GB. Check us out. Looking forward to your response. You’ve got a lot of good stuff here, it needs broader exposure.

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for getting in touch and sorry about my late reply. I’ve had a quick look at Green Blizzard and I would really like to be involved, either writing something new or repackaging a couple of my existing articles as you suggest. Is there an editor’s email address I can use to take this forward?
      Thanks, Tegan Tallullah x

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