How Equal is the USA?

In my last post, I showed a short animated video about the huge income inequality in the UK. The video showed the big differences between what people thought the situation was, what they thought it should be, and what it actually is.

If you thought that was a shocker, then get ready, because I’ve found a similar video for the US of A and it’s even worse.

Although this is very much bad news, I think there is one silver lining to be gleaned from both the UK and USA situations. We’re always told that there isn’t enough money for all sorts of great things. Free education, arts funding, a new smart grid, high-speed electric rail, renewable energy, better healthcare, nature conservation… All sorts of things. Well at least the money is very definitely there. If we could just stop all those billions congregating in the tippy top of the pile, we’d have enough money for practically anything.

The first stage is surely raising awareness. Both videos show that people rightly assume the rich are much richer than the poor, but they massively underestimate the difference. In particular, people don’t realise that the poor and middleclass are actually very similar in wealth compared with the most wealthy.

Wake up everyone, this isn’t okay.

4 thoughts on “How Equal is the USA?

  1. Tegan, I don’t know about the UK but here in the US it is apparent that there is something wrong. Raising my boys as a single mother money was tight, but it was hard on my boys, especially the oldest, when he saw the types of gifts some of his classmates received. While in our family $20 was the limit for a birthday gift, one of his classmates received a brand new Hummer (large SUV). While we were trying to keep our water pipes from freezing one winter a parent went on a long rant about his shower in the master bath being clogged and running late for an appointment because he couldn’t decide which of the 3 other showers in the house he should use that morning.

    While that may be more than you wanted to hear, there is a reason I shared that with you. The boy who received a Hummer for his 16th birthday also received an antique vehicle (for when he didn’t want to drive the Hummer) on his 18th. But that same boy graduated high school and couldn’t find a job to match the income he was used to. He turned to selling drugs and is now in prison. By having all this wealth, but cutting it off when their children are adults they have set up unrealistic impression of what life is going to be for them and lead to crime and other social ills such as suicide.

    My son who is only in his 20s has already attended the funerals of 7 of his classmates who took their own lives after finding they couldn’t adjust to a life of less.

    So yes, let’s find a way to redistribute the wealth and save not only the children from the richest but our planet and economy.

    1. Wow, what a sad and surprising story. It’s kind of tragic that in some cases wealth is actually a disadvantage… Thank you for sharing, and for reading, as always.
      I haven’t known any children from very wealthy families, but I do know that in my university loads of people spend all their student loan quickly and just get more cash from their parents. While it’s in some ways obvious that parents would help out their kid in this way if they could afford it, it’s also depriving them of the chance to learn to live within their means. This is pretty normal compared with your experiences, though.

      I’m convinced we need a new economic system!

      1. Perhaps a steady state economy!

        Enjoying your series of blogs, and very interesting comment from Lois about young adults from wealthy families not adjusting!

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