Europe will declare climate goal tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd January 2014, the EU will be announcing the carbon cutting target for 2030 and the renewables target for the same period.

Europe seems fairly united in the need to tackle climate change, and they’ve already decided a fifth of the budget will be allocated to climate related policies. But dangerously, corporate lobbyists from the fossil fuel industry are using this final window before the announcement to clamour for attention and weaken the deal. If you want the EU to seal an ambitious deal and seriously tackle climate change, please take a moment to send a message to EU Commision President Jose Barroso, through Avaaz. 

It doesn’t have to be long, it can be a sentence if that’s all you can think of. But please do send something, and help people-powered campaign community Avaaz reach their 200,000 target by tomorrow. This is really really important, guys.

This deal will supersede the current one that runs up the 2020 and calls for a 20% cut (presumably from the 1990 baseline) and for renewables to make up 20% of the energy useage.

The UK energy secretary is calling for a 40% GHG emissions cut, which is pretty much in line with what the IPCC say will be necessary, so that’s great news. However he is arguing against a renewables target, saying the cuts are the important thing, and nations should be left to deliver them however they see fit. In practise this will mean a mix of renewables, nuclear and improved efficiency. Apparently France and Spain are with him on this, but Germany – having phased out nuclear after the Fukushima disaster – is calling for an ambitious renewables target. The higher the target, the better for the German renewable energy industry. And, crucially, the better for the climate and the future.

I'm with Germany, this is the energy future I want. Getty Images.

I’m with Germany, this is the energy future I want. Getty Images.

I suspect the nuclear industry has something to do with the energy secretary’s stance, but I guess it’s a lot better than the fossil fuel industry getting their way.

As ever, I’m shocked to discover such an important event just the day before. The UK media really doesn’t do this stuff justice. Like, at all. I had to look this up online when it should have been on every front page on the newsstand.

Anyway, please send your message to the EU President and have your say.


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