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As I wrote in my glowing review, Enough is Enough by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neil is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The book outlines an idea for a steady state economy – a truly sustainable economy that puts wellbeing before profit. When I read the book and found out about this concept, it was pretty much a life changing experience. I was ecstatic that other people were actually working on the ideas that were already half-baked in my mind. It filled me with hope. Today I found this video on Youtube which gives you an 18-minute taster of Enough is Enough, the limits to growth and the steady state concept. If you haven’t read it, watch the video for a quick summary. Then order this brilliant book from your local bookshop!



5 thoughts on “Enough is Enough – Video

  1. Tegan, I also really liked this book. I read and re-read it thoroughly, and this video was a great synopsis of their ideas about the problems associated with economic growth and the steady state solution.

    1. Yes it does a very good job doesn’t it? (: The only thing I would say is that it kind of gives the impression we’re going for growth for now good reason. Actually, the current economic system only functions properly when it’s growing, so we’re locked into chasing it. There are ways to get past that dilemma and lay the foundations for a steady state economy but I think the issue does need addressing, as any critical economist would quickly pick up on it. Fantastic ideas in the book and video though.

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