Energy Democracy

Here’s a really cool short video I found on Films for Action about the energy revolution we so desperately need and deserve – a democratised renewable energy system designed to meet all our energy needs sustainably rather than just make a few corporations obscenely rich. And that includes the billion people currently living without power. Give it a watch!

Also – I apologise for my lack of posting recently. I’m two and half months away from finishing my degree, I’m working voluntarily for the Post Growth Institute and the UK’s Green Party and I have a job as a waitress as well. I’m just a bit busy basically. I have loads of ideas I’m dying to put into words though. Come June I’ll be back on to regular blogging.

Much love!

2 thoughts on “Energy Democracy

  1. Tegan, it’s good to hear from you. Good luck finishing your education and I will look forward to hearing from you when you are done.

    The video is both good and sad. To know how far we are on the path to energy independence, well it’s sad and wrong. I’ve been considering just how far down the wrong side of the bell curve we are while considering place like Canada that have been huge exporters of oil now digging through the tar sands. We may not have all that much time left to clean up our act.

    1. Thanks for commenting Lois! Thanks for your good wishes and I hope you’re well too.
      Yes it is a bit depressing to see how far down the wrong track we are, but I honestly think things are beginning to change now (better late than never!) what with the price of solar and wind going down quickly and the divestment from fossil fuels movement gathering pace. But you’re right – the window of opportunity is closing fast!

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