Earth Baby’s New Home


Good evening beautiful readers, welcome to my new website!

This site – – is completely my own. I’m using WordPress software and I’ve imported all my articles and their comments from my old blog which was hosted by I’ve wanted to get my own domain name for a while, but what sparked such a hasty transfer was my unpleasant discovery that all my posts on the old blog were hosting adverts. I didn’t realise they were there until yesterday, and some of them were completely inappropriate for a blog about sustainability. ┬áSo now here we are, ad free and fully customizable…

Earth Baby is now in a bit of a changeable period while I get everything sorted out. I still need to download plug-ins that’ll allow me to have a subscribers feature and access to my statistics. Also I’m not 100% happy with the design yet. I’ll be going through a few different themes and getting my techno-savvy boyfriend to customize the coding for me. I’m also thinking of getting my artsy friend to draw up a logo for my blog! So keep checking back, because it’s all change as far as Earth Baby’s concerned.

Thank god I’ve got rid of those pesky ads.

Have a lovely evening!


2 thoughts on “Earth Baby’s New Home

    1. Thank you! I’d love it if you subscribed to this new blog, as I won’t be posting my new articles to my blog any more.

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