Degrowth explained with orange juice. Yes, orange juice.

So I came across this super cute 4-minute video from Grist which explains the concept of degrowth using the analogy of a stall selling class A delicious orange juice. I think you’ll like it, and it’s especially good if you’re new to the idea.

As far as I’m aware the degrowth concept stems┬álargely from the work of ecological economist┬áNicholas Georgescu-Roegen (among others) and is now a full blown international movement. Apart from specifying that advanced economies need to contract rather than just stop growing, it seems to be little different to the idea of post-growth and exhorts many of the same solutions and attitudes.

Aw man I really want some sweet OJ now…

4 thoughts on “Degrowth explained with orange juice. Yes, orange juice.

  1. Good, Very Good.Yes, GDP is not the measure of growth.our resources should be directed to better education, health and improvement of social well-being.
    The video summed up the concept in an interesting manner.

  2. That’s a great video. It also highlighted what I believe is the inherent flaw with measurements of GDP. While GDP has been pretty flat in the US as of late if we were to remove the clean up from oil spills, investments after a natural disaster (we just had two states severely damaged from tornadoes) and medical expenses for illness etc, we would see our GDP in the negative numbers.

    1. Thanks for watching! :) Yes absolutely – GDP is not an accurate measure of progress or wellbeing at all. It just adds all the monetary costs and benefits up into one big useless number!

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