The pig shed when they first took on the holding. From

Crowdfund the Happy Pig!

Imagine if there was an organic pub come community hub where you could enjoy tasty fresh food and drinks, talks and workshops by world-class sustainability gurus, live music and great company – all for the wonderful sum of £0.00?
Yes, I do mean imagine if it was completely free.

This is the vision Mark Boyle (the ”Moneyless Man”) and some of his buddies are trying to make a reality. Is it an idealist dream? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic idea. Personally I think the world could take a lot less mocking cynicism and a lot more idealism-in-action. Mark Boyle is all about gift-economics – the concept of doing stuff just for the love of it, with no money changing hands.

These guys have been running a 3 acre permaculture small-holding in Ireland, called An Teach Saor (Irish for ”the free house”). They have a nut orchard, no-dig veggies, a forest garden, woodland coppice, natural beehives and much more on their permaculture haven. But most importantly, they also have a large old pig barn. They want to transform this structure into the free community centre described above. And to do that they need some hard cash.

Here’s they’re crowdfunding video:

If you think this is an awesome project, you can go here to pledge some pennies and make their dream come true.
There’s even some funky awards on offer for your kindness, including books, workshops and even an organic feast!
It’s an all or nothing funding project so they’ll only be able to do it if they hit their target of £9,500 by 11th March. Right now the pledges are weighing in at £3,260.

I gave £10 so I should be expecting my public thank-you anytime now.
Check it out, and let your inner generosity shine!

The pig shed when they first took on the holding. From

The pig shed when they first took on the holding. From


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