Come see my new blog! (I’m not using this one anymore)

Did you see my last post, about how I had a new blog brewing?

Well, today’s the day I launch it. I’ve been preparing it for the last few weeks and I’m excited to say it’s ready to go!  It’s called The Climate Lemon, and it’s a blog about the everyday politics of climate change.

Click here to visit >> 

I hope you like it. Please take a look around, subscribe to the email list, give me your feedback, pass it on to your friends. :)

The Climate Lemon is LIVE

Please note I will not be using this Earth Baby blog any more. I’ll leave it up for another few months as an archive, and then I’ll take it down. If you liked this, you’ll love The Climate Lemon. It’s basically an evolution of this blog, it just looks better. :)

Thanks and see you over at the new blog!

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