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Come see my new blog! (I’m not using this one anymore)

Did you see my last post, about how I had a new blog brewing?

Well, today’s the day I launch it. I’ve been preparing it for the last few weeks and I’m excited to say it’s ready to go!  It’s called The Climate Lemon, and it’s a blog about the everyday politics of climate change.

Click here to visit >> 

I hope you like it. Please take a look around, subscribe to the email list, give me your feedback, pass it on to your friends. :)

The Climate Lemon is LIVE

Please note I will not be using this Earth Baby blog any more. I’ll leave it up for another few months as an archive, and then I’ll take it down. If you liked this, you’ll love The Climate Lemon. It’s basically an evolution of this blog, it just looks better. :)

Thanks and see you over at the new blog!

Door-knocking with the Green Party

Today I spontaneously decided to spend the evening volunteer  door-knocking with the Green Party, on their mission to re-elect Caroline Lucas, the UK’s one and only Green MP.

I’ve been wanting to do it for ages, but they always do it on Saturday mornings, when I’m busy carrying dishes of spaghetti around in a tiny Italian restaurant. However now it’s getting closer to election time (well, still 7 months) they’ve started doing it like, everyday. I wasn’t working tonight and my boyfriend was out, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I was expecting canvassing to be more than a little soul-destroying, to be honest. I wanted to do it because I admire Caroline so much and desperately want her to be re-elected, but I thought it would be highly unpleasant.
I’m happy to report it was actually painless, verging on fun.

The other volunteers were really lovely people. The team leader had this amazing charisma and energy about her that was just completely contagious. Don’t you just love people like that? And there was another student too, who was the same age as me. It was really nice to meet someone my age who’s as passionate about green politics as me.

Excitingly, and surprisingly for me, Caroline Lucas herself came with us as well. I think it’s so great that she spends her own evenings door-knocking. She’s such a down-to-earth and real person, not like other politicians. And I was really excited to meet her properly because I’ve admired her for ages and really look up to her. I can’t believe she now follows Earth Baby on Twitter!

Here’s a photo of me, Caroline and the other volunteers after our canvassing session.


Me on the far left. Caroline Lucas is the lady in the middle with the white tshirt.

Me on the far left. Caroline Lucas is the lady in the middle with the white t-shirt.

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What is Sustainable Development?

‘Sustainable’ is used a something of a buzzword these days, employed as a handy prefix for everything from fashion to washing-up liquid to fish to economics. From some of the branding and back-of-packet claims that are commonplace, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘sustainable’ was synonymous with ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’. It’s not. Very simply, it means ‘can go on and on, maintained at a constant level or rate’. Plenty of natural processes, like childbirth and volcanic eruptions, are not sustainable as they happen and then end reasonably quickly. So it doesn’t mean natural or green, it just means it can continue. I want to say ‘can continue forever’ but obviously nothing can continue forever. ‘Continue for the foreseeable future’ perhaps.

Confusingly though, ‘sustainable development’ is a much more complex concept than simply ‘ development that can carry on for nearly forever’. The most widely accepted definition comes from Our Common Future, better known as the Brundtland Report, in 1987:  Continue reading

The public meeting took place in a beautiful church

Urgent: Last Chance to Stop the Gagging Law

A few months ago I wrote about why we need to Stop the Gagging Bill. Last week I wrote about  how happy I am that my city is officially opposing it. On Thursday I went to a local public meeting about it, where two MPs and two other speakers hashed it out with 300 concerned local people. The meeting was organized by people power group 38 Degrees, and they’ve also got a petition that’s being presented to the House of Lords tomorrow – if you haven’t already, please sign it!  Continue reading

How Equal is the USA?

In my last post, I showed a short animated video about the huge income inequality in the UK. The video showed the big differences between what people thought the situation was, what they thought it should be, and what it actually is.

If you thought that was a shocker, then get ready, because I’ve found a similar video for the US of A and it’s even worse.

Although this is very much bad news, I think there is one silver lining to be gleaned from both the UK and USA situations. We’re always told that there isn’t enough money for all sorts of great things. Free education, arts funding, a new smart grid, high-speed electric rail, renewable energy, better healthcare, nature conservation… All sorts of things. Well at least the money is very definitely there. If we could just stop all those billions congregating in the tippy top of the pile, we’d have enough money for practically anything.

The first stage is surely raising awareness. Both videos show that people rightly assume the rich are much richer than the poor, but they massively underestimate the difference. In particular, people don’t realise that the poor and middleclass are actually very similar in wealth compared with the most wealthy.

Wake up everyone, this isn’t okay.

Earth Baby’s New Home


Good evening beautiful readers, welcome to my new website!

This site – – is completely my own. I’m using WordPress software and I’ve imported all my articles and their comments from my old blog which was hosted by I’ve wanted to get my own domain name for a while, but what sparked such a hasty transfer was my unpleasant discovery that all my posts on the old blog were hosting adverts. I didn’t realise they were there until yesterday, and some of them were completely inappropriate for a blog about sustainability.  So now here we are, ad free and fully customizable…

Earth Baby is now in a bit of a changeable period while I get everything sorted out. I still need to download plug-ins that’ll allow me to have a subscribers feature and access to my statistics. Also I’m not 100% happy with the design yet. I’ll be going through a few different themes and getting my techno-savvy boyfriend to customize the coding for me. I’m also thinking of getting my artsy friend to draw up a logo for my blog! So keep checking back, because it’s all change as far as Earth Baby’s concerned.

Thank god I’ve got rid of those pesky ads.

Have a lovely evening!


Outrageous WordPress Ads

UPDATE: This post doesn’t really apply now that I’ve got my own website for Earth Baby. I’ve just left it here in case anyone still wanted to read it. 

I’m absolutely livid.

Today I looked at one of my older posts, because somebody had commented on it, and I was presented with this message at the end of the article.

I knew that WordPress have a special option for bloggers to earn money from their writing by getting ads on their blog. Some people earn a full time living wage in this way. I decided not to, because it’s totally inappropriate for my blog. I criticize advertising and consumerism, not to mention many specific unethical companies. So it would be ridiculously counter-productive and hypocritical to then earn money from adverts. But as you can see, I got this message saying ”Occasionally, some of your visitors will see an advertisement here.” Confused and angry, I clicked on the ‘Tell me more’ option.

It turns out that even though I decided not to earn revenue from my blog by allowing ads to encroach on it, WordPress have been going right ahead and making money for themselves by sticking adverts on my posts! Without my knowledge or permission! God knows how long this has been going on. Apparently logged-in WordPress users will never see the ads, but other readers will. Obviously I wanted to check out what other people would be seeing, in the box where I got the above message. In Internet Explorer this is what I got.

I almost fell on the floor when I saw this. Fucking McDonald’s! How fucking dare they! Plus Samsung, and two other random companies. This is not okay. Why haven’t I got any sneering comments about this glaring hypocrisy? It must be obvious to any reader that this is completely against the philosophy of Earth Baby.

To help me check out the scale of the problem, my boyfriend searched through my posts on his computer. He didn’t find any more ads, and I breathed a sigh or slight relief. Then he realised he had AdBlocker installed, which was doing its job of blocking them out. He changed to another browser and tried again. Sure enough, not just some but every single one of my heartfelt posts had an advertisement on the bottom. They were for random products, and even banks.

WordPress offers a No Ads Upgrade to ensure against these commercial intrusions, for the sum of $30 per year. Great. Make me pay money to have what I thought I was getting anyway. I can’t even afford that at the moment, as I’m pretty much skint until my student loan comes through next month. I guess I’m going to have to either fork out for that, or stop using WordPress. I don’t want to give up blogging. I could use another platform I guess. But I don’t like Blogger, and they probably do the same thing anyway, come to think of it. I’ll plan to get my own website I guess.

I’m so upset and angry about this.

Needless to say, if you’re a WordPress user reading this, then this is going on on your blog too, unless you’ve already got the bloody upgrade. If you’re not from WordPress, then I’m so sorry about this – I’m incredibly embarrassed and feel like my words have been violated. There’s probably an ad showing on this post. Ignore it. I don’t want it there.

Public perception vs the facts

Here’s an informative new post from Make Wealth History. The article discusses a new survey by the Royal Statistical Society that shows there’s a gaping chasm between public perception and the bare facts. Whether it’s immigration, benefits or climate change, it seems the average Joe is a fair way from the statistical mark. Could this be down to how the mainstream media portrays these and other issues?

Hit up the link because it’s a very enlightening read.

Public perception tends to always be a few years behind the latest science. Try and keep up, people!

Public perception tends to always be a few years behind the latest science.    Try and keep up, people!