Busyness and the Radio

Hi lovely readers, I hope everything’s going well with you.

I just wanted to explain why my blog’s gone a bit quiet at the moment. As usual there is a good reason, I’m not just being lazy on the writing front. Actually I’ve been incredibly busy. Half way through my degree, my workload is picking up quite a lot (I have to start writing my dissertation soon!!), and I also have a waitressing job that’s taking up most of my evenings. But I’m also doing two other much more exciting things.

Firstly, I’m guest editing the newsletter of HASL, a local sustainability community group I’ve been volunteering with. That’s very exciting but I’m stuck at the talking to printing companies stage, which isn’t so thrilling. The fact that recycled paper is so much more expensive than ”normal” paper is doing my head in. How can virgin forest be cheaper? Ahhhh. Anyway once I get past paper gsm and matte coating and soya inks and and get on to the actual writing then it should be really fun. I’ll keep you posted!

I also have something even more exciting that I’ve been up to!

Basically, I have somehow managed to get my own radio show.

I know, I know. It’s going to be on Radio Free Brighton which is a not-for-profit online radio station, which is based in my city but gets listeners from all over the world. My show is called Future Focus and it’s a talk show about sustainability, and what we need to do for a positive green future. I’ve got a half-hour slot each month. I’m currently working on the first episode, which I’ll be recording next week. I’ll let you know when I know the broadcast date and time. Each episode is going to focus on a big sustainability theme – so first I’m doing energy, then I’ll do food, then maybe consumerism, and so on. I’m so incredibly excited and so incredibly nervous! I bet you’re wondering how I stumbled upon such an amazing opportunity… Well basically the manager of the radio station contacted HASL and asked them if they’d like to do a regular show about sustainability. As I was volunteering with them and they knew I was a media student, they asked me if I would like to do it. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I almost said thank you but no… But with encouragement from my friends and boyfriend I realised opportunities like this need to grasped when they come your way, because they might not get offered to you again!

So I’ve pretty much written the first episode, and am now practising like crazy. And I’m interviewing the director of Southern Solar on friday, which will be in the show. Each episode is going to include an interview with someone who works in the field, for an inside view on what’s going on. It’s all just so exciting and new and scary. I’m kind of doing all this as if it’s a dream, and I don’t think I’ll quite believe it until I’ve done the first one.

So that’s pretty much why I’ve been so busy. As you can imagine, my social life has pretty much gone out the window as well.
All I can say is I still love my blog to bits and of course I will write properly when I get a chance. I’ve got about a hundred and one ideas for articles flying around my head, just a chronic lack of time to write them in.

I’ll leave you with an awesome image of the earth that my friend sketched for me, as a new logo for Earth Baby. You can check out more of her work at Lola Rose’s Sketches.

5 thoughts on “Busyness and the Radio

    1. Hey Sue, thank you so much! When I know the broadcast slot I will post it on my blog (and everywhere else!) so all you lovely people can listen if you feel inclined. Hope all is well with you! X

  1. Congratulations, Tegan!! It all sounds very exciting! I am 100% sure you will do a great show! Keep us posted. Love the logo, too!

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