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UPDATE: Please come see my new blog, The Climate Lemon. This blog is no longer active. 

Hello lovely readers,

Welcome to my blog! I’m an aspiring writer and I’m interested in sustainability, social and environmental issues, politics and post-growth economics. I use this space to express my thoughts and musings on these topics, as well as highlighting topical issues and shouting about awesome groups/projects/people I hear about. I want you to be informed and inspired. I want to communicate with the world, and be part of the growing conversation  about making a more positive future on this planet.

In July 2015 I graduated from university with a first class honours in Environment and Media Studies. I’m currently doing a Communications and Media Internship with an eco-architecture company called Koru Architects. I’m also very involved with the Post Growth Institute. I manage the Post Growth Alliance, I’m a voluntary Co-Director and I manage their blog too. I’m always on the look out for new opportunities so feel free to get in touch. You could leave me a comment on this blog or connect with me through LinkedIn or Twitter.

I love writing, reading and talking. I’m mesmerised by the power of the media, but I’m no fan of the mainstream media corporations which I believe abuse their power horribly. My dream is to use my communication and research skills to create positive change in the spheres of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Earth Baby logo drawn by the amazing Lola Rose, see http://lolaroseodesseywaters.wordpress.com/

Earth Baby logo drawn by the amazing Lola Rose, see http://lolaroseodesseywaters.wordpress.com/

I’ve been writing this blog since September 2011, having started it as a way to practise my writing and air my opinions. I hope you enjoy my posts, and if you have something to say please leave a comment. I really love having discussions and debates! Also, if you know someone who’s interested in the topics I write about, please share the link-love and send them this way.


All my best wishes,

Tegan Tallullah xxx 

16 thoughts on “About Earth Baby

  1. Hello, I think the blog is great and it made me think you might be interested in a book Watkins are publishing by Daniel Pinchbeck ‘ How Soon Is Now?’ About Climate change, can you send me your email address ? Then I can send you the press release,
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Katherine, thanks for your comment. I’m definitely interested in a new climate book. Feel free to send the details to tegantsc[at]yahoo.co.uk

    2. Hi Luis, we completely agree with you that virtual events will not replace the power of face to face meetings. We believe they complement each other, allowing a prnce-reseing of potential leads, buyers, candidates, etc. And enabling much more effective personal meetings with cost and carbon emission savings. This is why we think that hybrid events will become an unstoppable trend in the near future. Thanks for your comment!!!

    1. Hi Tim, sure thing! If you have an email address I can use I’ll send you my address that way. I’ll be happy to write a review :)

  2. Hi there Tegan,

    Hope you’re doing great. A friend of mine and fan of your site forwarded your geographical community post, which was great. Nice job on that and on your site in general. I’ve bookmarked it and will keep checking in.

    I also read through your archives for a while and think some of what I am currently working on may be up your alley. I run a small business in Boulder, CO that organizes classes on Aquaponic gardening and sells kits and materials for the same.

    If you are not familiar, Aquaponics is basically raising your own fish and food-bearing plants together, in a symbiotic system in which the plants filter the fish water and the wish waste give nutrients to the plants. The net result is a continuous supply of fresh veggies and fish for a family that requires little space can be created indoors or out.

    Again, great post and good to meet you. Feel free to shoot me a note if you’d like to chat about aquaponics.



    1. Hi Sylvia, thanks for checking out my blog, and I’m really happy you enjoyed some of my articles! I don’t know much about aquaponics (what you just told me is pretty much all I had in my head) but it sounds like a really sustainable and permaculture-esque way of raising food. I personally wouldn’t use it just because I’m vegan and don’t eat fish, but I do think it’s a good idea for people who do. Sure beats unsustainable sea dredging! Good luck with your business and I hope you’ll come back and read more soon! x

  3. Hi Tegan,

    Greetings from Ireland. Hope this finds you well and I won’t take up too much of your time.

    I wanted to let you know about a crowdfunding campaign we launched yesterday to transform an old pig barn (on a three acre Permaculture & Gift economy demonstration project) into a free community event space – The Happy Pig.


    We’re hoping to bring some of the world’s best teachers and thinkers on sustainable living and much more to Ireland. All of this takes place on a permaculture demonstration site comprising a forest garden, woodland coppice, experimental nut orchard, no-dig annual vegetables, natural beehives etc.

    Permaculture magazine ran an article on the campaign a couple of days ago (under the title The World’s First Moneyless Pub), which is available here (http://www.permaculture.co.uk/news/2801144280/worlds-first-moneyless-pub), but actual pledges are what we really need (if we don’t hit our target, no funds are made available).

    I was wondering, as someone who writes on these issues, if you’d be willing to support in some way, either by pledging or by sharing it in your writing/social networks? Any help would be massively appreciated!

    Tom :)

    1. Hi Tom, sorry for my late reply.
      The project looks brilliant. I’m going to make a pledge and write an article about it for this blog. Also, I’m going to be starting a radio show about sustainability soon, and I could mention your project. I’m afraid it’s likely to be after your crowdfunding deadline, but I’m sure you could still use the publicity. All the best! (: xxx

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  5. Welcome to the blogosphere. What a great idea to blog as writing practice before entering a journalism program. I love frogs – the can live in water and on land, yet they are among the most sensitive species on the planet. Look forward to the pictures!

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